About Us

Gamirasu Junior: A Unique Cave Experience

Welcome! Gamirasu Junior is a 7-room touristic pension offering its guests a unique accommodation experience in the historical atmosphere of Ayvalı Ürgüp. Gamirasu Junior promises its guests an unforgettable holiday by offering an elegant combination of traditional cave and stone rooms.

Comfort and Aesthetics Together

Each room has a design concept that combines carefully restored old cave and stone structures with modern comfort. Gamirasu Junior offers its guests not only a comfortable stay, but also the opportunity to enjoy this unique place surrounded by historical and natural beauties.

In Peace and Nature

Gamirasu Junior is the perfect choice for guests seeking tranquility in a quiet atmosphere. Surrounded by the dazzling nature of Ayvalı Ürgüp, our pension is an ideal spot for those who want to relieve the tiredness of the day and store energy. You can take a pleasant walk in our garden or go out to explore the surrounding natural beauties.

Flavourful Moments

Gamirasu Junior offers its guests not only accommodation but also a special dining experience. You can meet the carefully prepared local flavours of our pension and participate in a gastronomic feast that appeals to your palate.

Hospitality and Professionalism

Gamirasu Junior team works meticulously to provide the best service to its guests. Our friendly staff ensures that our guests have an unforgettable accommodation experience by carefully approaching their needs.

Gamirasu Junior promises its guests an unforgettable holiday by combining modern comfort intertwined with history, the peace of nature and moments full of flavour. Discover the charming atmosphere of Ayvalı Urgup with us and feel at home!


Property Name: Gamirasu Junior
Property Type: Boutique Hotel
Chain Type: Independent
Room Count: 7
Phone: +90 545 354 58 15
Mobile Phone: +90 545 354 58 15
E-Mail: [email protected]
Website: www.gamirasujunior.com
Facebook: gamirasujunior
Instagram: gamirasujunior